Mission Statement

ISU™ was formed by skateboarder's for skateboarder's, to support skating. Our team has worked in most areas of skateboarding across the globe for most of our lives. It is this experience that we now offer as a collective.

Our life experiences in skating have lead us to a point at which we feel skateboarding does not need controlling but instead could benefit from support. ISU™ has been formed to be this support system.

Our main focus is competitions. Skateboard comps happen all around the world in all styles of skating at every level of riding. The ISU™ tier system for skateboard competitions supports skating at each of these levels. The levels are laid out in a way to allow competitors and organisers a clear and understandable system. ISU™ are more than happy to see our system be adopted and used by others or work side by side with them or have them work with us in a global series that leaves the too serious side of competitions  to others and gives a solid base of good times and support for us, the skaters.

The benefits of this system are;
•    Global ranking across tiers
•    Transparent competition entry
•    Annual world champion at professional and international series level
•    Open series invitation for events to be part of the system
•    World champion reward at the end of each year for professional and international series level
•    International pool of qualified judges
•    Tiers that give competitors, events, associations, government agencies and interested parties an understandable series to engage with and support

The business of skateboarding is nowadays too serious. This can be understandable when you mix in the needs of business and the facts of life in paying bills and feeding your family. We don’t want to lose sight of the fact that skateboarding is the most fun thing in the world to us though. The fact that so many of us can sidestep the mundane and hold onto the good times of our youth by playing with a kid’s toy needs to be celebrated. ISU™ will be working with competitors, sponsors, government agencies, media and the fans to ensure we promote and celebrate the irreverence and awesomeness of skateboarding while ensuring there is a stable and fair support system in place and all the while promoting the industry and its development so it can continue to prosper and support skateboarding.

Our motto is to be inclusive rather than exclusive.

Skateboarding is growing globally. With this growth comes a lot of outside interest to both support and benefit from skating. It is important that skaters aren’t left out of the processes of all of this. ISU™ have an advisory panel with skaters and industry across; pro, masters, female skaters, media, team managers, company directors, shop owners, event promoters, associations, skatepark designer/builders and cultural representatives. This panel will be independent and ensure that any decisions made that directly affect skaters at ISU™ will have been done so with thorough consultation to determine the best and fairest outcomes for skaters.

ISU™ can help with; competition; development, production, management, promotion, judging, ranking. We can also offer advice or sit with you in working with sponsors, competitors, media and government agencies to ensure the best event is possible. We’re here to work with everyone long term for the benefit of skateboarding.

We look forward to the future of skateboarding here at the International Skateboarder’s Union. Now let’s go skate!